Industries We Supply


Retail businesses across the nation use PolyGuard Deposit Bags. Successful businesses trust PolyGuard when they pack their deposit for Armored Transport.


Restaurants handle cash every day. They ensure maximum protection of their cash during transit by using PolyGuard Deposit Bags.


epicenter of cash in our economy. They know the value of protecting their customers' money while in transit. Banks rely on PolyGuard Deposit Bags to make sure their shipments have the best protection during transit.



Grocery stores are the perfect environment for our Cash Control & PolyGuard Deposit Bags. Keep your register tils organized and safe in Cash Control bags and when its time to send your deposit simply use one of our PolyGuard Deposit Bags for transport.


If you operate a hotel you know there is plenty of cash used by guests every day. In the gift shop, at the front desk, at the restaurant, cash is all around the hotel. Excess cash needs to be transported and deposited and those deposits can be packaged in PolyGuard Deposit Bags.


Parking Garages are another ideal environment for our Cash Control Bags. Clerks can easily keep their register total organized and safe after their shift. With a Managers Count Verification Signature Line the money only needs to be counted which saves time and the risk of future errors


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