About Us

Secure Products has been providing products for Thillen's customers for over 5 years. The relationship has been an overwhelming success. We are here to make sure the buying experience is easy, quick, and allows customers to order anything they need to send their deposit with the trusted Armored Services of Thillens.

For over twenty eight years, Secure Products Corporation (SPC) has served financial Institutions, retail and all cash transaction businesses  throughout the United States and abroad. Our family-owned company was established in 1990.

Since we began in 1990 it has been the mission of Secure Products Corporation to be the "premier" provider of products and services to businesses in each of the industries and communities we serve. We have been family-owned and woman-owned since our inception.

Our mission has challenged and tested us over the last 23 years. The mission is worthy of the highest individual and collective efforts of employees at Secure Products. To fulfill our goals in an outstanding way, our employees must exhibit traits of character and commitment.

Secure Products has four fundamental values that represent what we stand for and that serve to guide us in the accomplishment of our mission. These values are:

  1. Customers must receive superior service
  2. Excellence is our standard of performance
  3. Employees, individually and collectively, make a difference
  4. We must work together as a team

The observance of our goals and our values will not only contribute to success with our customers, but it will also enable Secure Products to provide its employees with job security, personal and financial growth, and meaningful careers within the company.


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